Election 2020: Lots of work still to do


I’m very happy Biden/Harris won and we can hopefully start the long process of trying to actually reverse the spread of white supremacy and not just ignore it again.

That’s on us, white folks. We have to stop ignoring the suffering and exploitation of our fellow humans.

Listen to those people who are suffering, not what your white leaders and intellectuals tell you about them. Otherwise this will fester just under the surface until it again bursts into hate and death.

Fantastic Hagrids and where to find them


OK, this is a pointless post, but I just wanted to get my prediction out there so that when it happens I’ll have some proof. Well, I cold fake a post that looks really old later, but I won’t. If I had a newspaper I’d get a picture with it to prove the date.

Anyway, if you’re a Harry Potter nerd like I am you’ve probably seen the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movies. In the second movie we see Newt Scamander in Hogwarts taking care of some creatures and it made me, and many others, think of Hagrid and his love of animals.

There are a lot of people out there who think Newt must have been the one to give Hagrid Aragog, the spider that helped get Hagrid expelled. I think that theory is quite likely given how many tie-ins J.K.R. has been making with these movies so far.

My theory though, goes a bit further. I don’t know what the exact relationship will be, but I think Dumbledore, that manipulative jerk, will “send” Newt to rescue Hagrid from other giants and that they will build a relationship similar to father/son or mentor/mentee. And in their time together Hagrid will learn his love of creatures from Newt as a fairly young boy, and he’ll carry that love through the rest of his life.

That’s it. Newt is responsible for bringing Hagrid to Hogwarts and teaching him about magical creatures.

I look forward to linking to this post in 10 years when Fantastic Beasts 7 is released and this happens.



P.S. – Is anyone else really annoyed that Hagrid wasn’t given a wand and remedial lessons once it was learned that Hagrid and Aragog weren’t to blame for he who must not be named‘s antics in the second book!?