Publishing a new art project

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I’ve been slowly working on an art project over the last few months and I’ve finally gotten it far enough that I’m sharing it. It’ll be constantly under construction but that’ll be part of the fun.

It’s named “Fan sites” and it’s just some simple zine pages celebrating music with my own nerdy flavor of web art. This started when I was restoring my old Nirvana website and I remembered how much fun I use to have wasting time on weird websites!

Without further ado: Fan Sites Just For Fun!

a screenshot of my new fansites page
I only have 3 new bands for now, and they’re not even done. But I have a queue of new ones to work on and will just add them over time as I work on them.

I’ll probably post more on this in the future and explain some of my attempts to make these visual/interactive sites also fun to play with when using a screen reader. I’m still experimenting with some parts of that, but it’s ready to give a spin now!

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